BLAUPUNKT license partner network intensifies cooperation at the 1st BLAUPUNKT WORLD CONVENTION.

At a meeting of more than 40 representatives of the BLAUPUNKT license partners from all over the world, they achieve   a close cooperation in the fields of technology know-how, user experience, sourcing, and marketing.

Dubai (January 30th, 2019) From January 28th to 30th, GIP Development SARL, Luxembourg, as the owner of the BLAUPUNKT brand, invited its license partners to the first BLAUPUNKT GLOBAL BRAND COMMUNITY WORLD Convention in Dubai.

“From our point of view, brand management also includes the promotion of regular exchanges between licensees to exploit the growing potential for synergies in the area of marketing, sourcing and, above all, in the area of new technologies such as the integration of Google Assistant features as much as possible. ”

Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of the BLAUPUNKT Licensing Program at GIP Development.

General Presentations were largely omitted. Instead, the participants worked out synergy potentials in marketing and sales in several successive workshops with their colleagues from the same regions. Subsequently, the license partners met in newly mixed groups with their colleagues from the same product categories from other regions and discussed optimization approaches in the areas of development, product design and sourcing.

Only a week after the convention, the first licensees in a loose mini-audio alliance have come together to implement a unified technology, design and user experience.

“Some have the product design skills, the next the technology know-how and we have the sourcing power. Not cooperating here would be almost negligent from a business point of view.”

Sukhesh Madaan, CEO of Audio + Personal Audio Competence Center, Envent World India, shares the added value of working closely with other BLAUPUNKT licensing partners.

Since the launch of the licensing program ten years ago as part of the BLAUPUNKT brand’s strategic reorientation, with almost 40 licensees in every consumer lifestyle field, BLAUPUNKT is more powerful than ever before in its 90-year history.

By granting licenses to selected local partners, BLAUPUNKT can respond flexibly and quickly to local events. The central brand management in Luxembourg, which also includes the release of each product, ensures that the brand promise of delivering quality products with an excellent price/performance ratio is being fulfilled all over the world.

“Without this reorientation, another prestigious brand of German history would be lost in insignificance,” said Norman Pralow, Head of Marketing and Brand Manager.

The mediation of these brand values and claims is one of the main objectives of such meetings.
For new license partners, this event is also an excellent introduction to the BLAUPUNKT world. 
“We are committed to our long brand tradition. Therefore, it is so important to us that all BLAUPUNKT licensees do not “just” act as licensees but see themselves as part of the big BLAUPUNKT family. That was and will continue to be our recipe for success in the future. On the contrary, through the licensing business, we can now offer our customers a portfolio which we can only offer in today’s quality and scope through this business concept.” Explains Cebrat.

 In addition to the World Convention, Brand Community members meet twice a year for exchanging new trends and developments on the eve of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

About Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt is a traditional German brand for consumer electronics and car multimedia products. Founded in Berlin in 1923 as the “Ideal” company, Blaupunkt gained notoriety through the internal test label for headphones – the blue dot. The quality feature became a trademark and in 1938 also the company name. 
Today, the brand is being developed by GIP Development SARL as part of a licensing program launched ten years ago. More than 35 licensees around the world distribute BLAUPUNKT products on all continents in more than 90 countries in the categories: Audio / Video / TV, Car Multimedia, Mobile Telephony, E-Mobility, White Goods, Security Systems, Cleaning Robots, and Air Conditioning and many more.. 

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