BLAUPUNKT Reports Exponential Growth in 2020

Leudelange, Luxembourg 

While many businesses are reeling from the losses of 2020, German consumer electronics brand, BLAUPUNKT, is basking the tremendous growth experienced during the pandemic.

The company is reporting a 30 percent growth in 2020, in which they grew the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community by 10 new license contracts. Amidst all the uncertainty, BLAUPUNKT managed to identify 10 new companies that ideally fit the BLAUPUNKT heritage. They also added 5 new product categories in additional regions including television, Home Security, Audio, Apparel, appliances and E-Mobility in the Middle East, Kuwait, India, North America, Turkey, Germany, UK, Italy, and Eastern Europe. But that’s not all. Ten of their existing partners extended their contracts. Some of the contracts were extended by up to 15 years.

In 2020, BLAUPUNKT experienced one of the most challenging times of their nearly 100-year existence. But their longevity and brand reputation for reliability placed them at a clear advantage. During the tumultuous time, their expert team observed and tapped into an increasing demand for long-term and sustainable marketing opportunities that build confidence.

Managing Director of GIP Development Sarl and owner of BLAUPUNKT, Andrzej Cebrat, is elated about the success. He said: “I want to thank our Brand Partners and the team at GIP for their hard work and dedication in finding new business paths. The year 2020 was a transformative year and our success was only possible due to joint efforts of our teams. I would like to also welcome the new members of the BLAUPUNKT family that joined us in 2020.”

Cebrat added: “We do not know what 2021 has in store, but we are determined to approach it with the same grit and determination that we did in 2020.”

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About Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt is a German brand for consumer electronics, car multimedia, and related consumer lifestyle products. Founded in Berlin in 1924 as the “Ideal” company, Blaupunkt gained notoriety through the internal test label for headphones – the blue dot. The quality feature became a trademark, and in 1938 also the company name.

Today, the brand is being developed by GIP Development SARL as part of a licensing program launched in 2009. More than 40 licensees around the world distribute BLAUPUNKT products on all continents in more than 90 countries in the categories: Audio, Video, TV, Car Multimedia, Mobile Telephony, E-Mobility, Home Appliances, Security Systems, Cleaning Robots, Air Conditioning, E-Mobility and many more.

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