Longstanding Blaupunkt partner extends agreement cementing a nearly 30 year partnership

The contract was prolonged for an additional 5 years after an already profitable 24 year relationship.

24 years ago, in 1998, BP India Private Limited (Formerly known as Blaupunkt India Private Limited) started its cooperation with the Blaupunkt brand. The partnership was recently extended for an additional 5 years solidifying their position with Blaupunkt through 2027.

About the extension Pankaj Jagwani, CEO of BP India stated, “Being associated with Blaupunkt for so long has created a sense of accomplishment within our organization. My team and I are known in India as Blaupunkt so it is only natural that we continue the business.”

Over the 24 year relationship the company’s role with the Blaupunkt brand saw many transformations. BP India started the relationship as a retailer before to becoming a distributor for a Bombay city. Eventually, they secured the appointment of national distributors for the Blaupunkt brand. As the business continued to flourish in the region their role changed once again to joint venture partners before finalizing the transformation as a licensing partner to the brand.

”In all the roles that we have played in the Blaupunkt business the most profitable has been a license partner and we feel it will continue to do well for at least the next 10 years.” Jagwani explained of the metamorphosis “And, we just introduced accessories in India under Blaupunkt a few years ago and that has had a terrific start and the future looks full of potential for these accessories.”

Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of GIP Development SARL the brand owner of Blaupunkt said of the partnership extension, “We are honored to have a long-term partner whose trust in us and the Blaupunkt brand is unwavering. We are looking forward to the future of this partnership, its prosperity and further positive development.”

About Blaupunkt

For almost a century, Blaupunkt and its blue dot symbol have been synonymous with German technology, innovation, and quality. Backed by decades of passion and expansion for consumer electronics, car multimedia, and related consumer lifestyle products, Blaupunkt is trusted for their comprehensive, global brand licensing program. With more than 40 licensees around the world distributing Blaupunkt products, Blaupunkt is committed to serving as a valued partner to its licensees. For more information, visit blaupunkt-licensing.com

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