NEW BLAUPUNKT LICENSEE for Universal Remote Controls

GIP Development as the brand owner of BLAUPUNKT is excited to announce that we have come to an agreement with a brand new European based licensee, RAMSONS.

This new brand partner will be developing a lineup of universal remote controls with a clear focus on German inspired design for the European market. When debuting a new product or entering a new market having the notoriety of an established brand can help your product gain better market coverage and visibility allowing you to debut at a better price point. RAMSONS’ intent is to distribute a line of products that are at the very core of what BLAUPUNKT stands for; quality products, at a fair price, that perform as advertised. We could not be happier for RAMSONS to join the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community.

Want to be the next BLAUPUNKT licensee and improve your bottom line profits by labeling your products with the iconic German brand?