BLAUPUNKT launches referral program

Manufacturers and factories stand to benefit with the finder’s fee program which will allow them to link their clients with BLAUPUNKT Licensing Specialists.

Manufacturers and factories serve many customers that might distribute and sell even more products if they could have the chance to brand their products with a prestigious brand such as BLAUPUNKT. Through this program manufacturers and factories may find that they are able to sell or distribute even more products.

Promoting the BLAUPUNKT Brand Licensing option to clients of manufacturers and distributors is a no-lose situation. All three parties can benefit. The factory’s clients can sell more, generate higher margins, and launch new products easier. The factory can benefit from higher quantities directly. Additionally, the BLAUPUNKT brand community has over 40+ current partners and can offer to recommend factories to our existing licensees, which may lead to new customers for factories.

Each successful referral that leads to a license agreement will be rewarded by BLAUPUNKT directly. To learn more about the details of this referral program we invite all interested factories and manufacturers to discuss this directly with our Brand Licensing Professionals. As always, It’s free without obligations.

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