Case Studies

70,000 e-bikes flew off the shelve after they chose to use BLAUPUNKT instead of a white label brand.

This case study explores our brand partner’s use of the BLAUPUNKT brand in E-Mobility, a product category the brand had never been present in before, and the great success that followed. What’s inside: – Why our licensee chose the BLAUPUNKT brand – How the cooperation between the licensee and the licensor works – The impact […]

30% year-over-year increase in total company revenue after they added BLAUPUNKT to their line-up

This case study explains why one BLAUPUNKT licensee believed replacing a former partner was actually a benefit and how they optimized their performance on this opportunity. Asset available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

They sold over 100,000 large appliances more per year after they chose BLAUPUNKT

This case study explores one BLAUPUNKT licensee’s decision to be the first ever to use the BLAUPUNKT brand in a product category and the prosperity this decision created.  Asset available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

BLAUPUNKT now responsible for over 60% of companies electronics sales after they entered a new region

This case study explores one BLAUPUNKT licensee’s decision to explore a market where the BLAUPUNKT brand had never previously gained popularity and the tremendous success that followed.  Asset available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

100% top-line increase in the first year after signing with BLAUPUNKT

This case study explores how brand licensing with BLAUPUNKT works to increase your profits quickly.  Asset available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

Good to Know

Brand Licensing In Action

This asset explores what brand licensing will look like after signing a licensing plan. 

4 Components a Brand Licensing Program Should Provide

What should you look for when considering a brand licensing program? This asset will explore key factors to consider when seeking a licensing program.

The BLAUPUNKT Brand Deck

Explore a glimpse of the very essence of the BLAUPUNKT brand with this asset  Asset available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

Brand Licensing: The Numbers

Find important facts and figures detailing why brand licensing is the smart move for your consumer electronics launch  

Interested In How It Works?

This whitepaper delves into extensive details regarding the what brand licensing is and how it may benefit your business model



Not all brands are created equal. Brand licensing offers the opportunity for a company to speed up their process, make more money, and gain consumer confidence based on the prestige of brand Name. The BLAUPUNKT brand has over 90 years of history steeped in excellence. Interested in learning more about the BLAUPUNKT brand history or […]

Why Choose Brand Licensing?

Whether you are interested in breaking into a new market or interested in learning how to earn more money; brand licensing could be your solution. If you have asked yourself these same questions you owe it to yourself to reach out to a Brand Licensing Expert today. Contact us now!  

Brand Licensing Explained

The Blaupunkt licensing concept is easy to implement and navigate from applying the brand to carrying out the total program that speeds brand introduction tasks that would otherwise create time and cost burdens.

What is Brand Licensing?

When launching new products or entering new markets having the strength of a trademark can be immeasurably powerful. Brand licensing allows your company to control the entire process while receiving the support and and years of expertise that the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand community comes with.

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