Blaupunkt licensing program

Blaupunkt - EST. 1924 in Germany

For almost a century, Blaupunkt and its blue dot symbol have been synonymous with German technology, innovation and quality.

Given Blaupunkt's history of product lines, one might think that the brand would only apply to mobile or audio products. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the same quality and care that have maintained the name through the decades are now reflected in a comprehensive program called the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community.

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Blaupunkt today

Today more than 50 specialized and carefully selected Blaupunkt Brand Licensees have joined the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community to increase the Blaupunkt brand visibility across the world. Every single partner is dedicated to the BLAUPUNKT brand promise.

Blaupunkt brand promise

Customers who buy a Blaupunkt product can expect:

Quality products at a fair price that perform as advertised.

Blaupunkt is the one of the most trusted brands in the fields of consumer lifestyle, InCar Entertainment, and related categories.

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Flexibility / no leverage

BLAUPUNKT licensees retain product design and control. Once a product category is assigned to a licensee, that licensee is completely responsible for the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of that product.

In other words, they retain control of the process, while having access to the power of Blaupunkt brand heritage and partner support.

Best-in-class brand partner support

The Blaupunkt licensing concept is easy to implement and navigate from applying the brand to carrying out the total program that speeds brand introduction tasks that would otherwise create time and cost burdens.

Global website concept

Our flexible website concept ensures a uniform brand presentation. At the same time, BLAUPUNKT brand licensees continue to exercise full content freedom for their country-specific content.

Our Admin-Panel makes it extremely easy for our licensees to upload content on the Blaupunkt webpage. This saves costs by eliminating the need to have an IT or Web expert on staff.

Social media service

As a special service for our licensees we will consult each Social Media Go-Live to ensure that our licensees will always be recognized as an official part of THE BLAUPUNKT Community while still retaining complete marketing freedom.

On the other hand this kind of control gives us the power to avoid competition between licensees but benefiting from each other.

Domain management

All Blaupunkt Brand Licensees can apply to use a Blaupunkt domain for:

Email-Traffic, Marketing Campaigns or specialized category landing pages.

By following a clear naming concept we avoid any interference or overlap between our licensees.

Brand partner portal

BLAUPUNKT licensees have 24/7 access to their Ready-to-Go-to-Market information package, including:

Design Templates, Campaign / Design Manuals, Brand Guidelines, Logo files, Font sets, and many other templates.

Release management

When a product launch is on a tight schedule, the last thing anyone wants is to wait for committees.

Our easy-to-use online tool ensures that approvals take as little as two days, and rarely more than five days.

Furthermore our partners always receive qualified feedback. If we have any change requests our licensees can always rely on our professional support.

On-site consulting

We provide a complete set of clear, easy-to-follow guidelines and templates.

To ensure an effective implementation and ability to carry out the Blaupunkt license program in your organization, new BLAUPUNKT licensees will experience a full day of on-site training.

Later on, the BLAUPUNKT license experts will also be prepared to travel whenever it´s requested.

How to become a Blaupunkt licensee

Consult one of our Brand Licensing Professionals and connect with us via contact form, LinkedIn or by phone to schedule an initial in-person or e-meeting.

Connect with us

Our aim is to avoid any interference with our existing licensees, but we would be happy to learn more about your company, business model and strategy for BLAUPUNKT branded products.

At this stage we are asking prospective licensees to present a business plan showing us the sales targets for the desired product categories in the coming years. Based on these figures, the license fee (incl. a minimum fee) and run time will be agree upon and fixed in a license contract.

Once you have signed the license contract our license success managers will touch base to schedule the initial on-site training.

Available Categories

Blaupunkt TV licensing
Blaupunkt Smartphone Mobile Phone licensing available
Mobile Phones
Blaupunkt SDA brand licensing
Small Appliances
Blaupunkt licensing air conditioning
Air Treatment
Blaupunkt brand licensing for lighting and LED lighting
Blaupunkt brand licensing for car parts
Car Parts
Blaupunkt licensing car lighting
Car Lighting
Blaupunkt Fleetmanagement and Telematic brand licensing
Fleet Management
Blaupunkt Personal Audio licensing
Personal Audio
Sports Wearables
Sports Wearables
Beauty & Care Blaupunkt Brand Licensing
Beauty & Care
Sewing Machines
Blaupunkt Home Security Brand Licensing
Home Security
Blaupunkt brand licensing car alarm
Car Alarm
GPS Navigation portable navigations Blaupunkt licensing
GPS Navigation
Blaupunkt batteries battery brand licensing
Blaupunkt licensing audio and bluetooth speaker
Mobile Audio
Tablet-PC brand licensing with Blaupunkt
Tablet PC
kitchen major domestic appliances licensing
Kitchen Appliances
Blaupunkt brand licensing lawn and garden
Lawn & Garden
E-Mobility, E-Scooter, Hoverboards
Blaupunkt in-car accessories
Car Accessories
Power socket strips and cubes licensing
Socket Stripes / Cubes
Blaupunkt Insect Killer licensing
Insect Killer
Blaupunkt home audio brand licensing
Home Audio
Blaupunkt brand licensing for gaming accessories
Gaming Accessories
Blaupunkt robotics brand licensing
Robotic Cleaner
Blaupunkt Brand Licensing Power Tools
Power Tools
EV Charging
Well beeing welness products Blaupunkt llicensing
Well Being
TV accessories brand licensing
TV Accessories

We are currently developing the licensing approach with new partners for the additional categories:

– Remote Controls

– Weather Stations

– Fashion

Connect with us

Please send us a message by filling out this form and one of our licensing experts will get back to you shortly.

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Please note, that this contact form is intend for Brand Licensing opportunities only. Therefore, we are not able to take into account any product distribution and import inquiries as these are not a part of our business model.

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