“Our business model offers an unique opportunity for further development, thanks to fantastic and supportive team of multicultural experts we can offer a fair licensing business solution. This team behind the concept makes the difference.”

Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director

Our Team

Andrzej Cebrat

Managing Director Andrzej Cebrat is a Managing Director at Blaupunkt and at Aurelius Group initiatives in Luxemburg. He has been working at Aurelius for 12 years, and in Luxembourg for 8 years. Managing multinational businesses, he has successfully built-up assets at worldwide intellectual property businesses in brand licensing and its equity structure. Being responsible for private equity multi-asset investments and developing real estate partnership based in Luxembourg He has over 20 years of experience in market expansion in North America, South America and East Europe.

Frank Goergen

International Licensing and Sales Manager Europe, Africa, North America Frank has been successfully working at Established.Incorporated for 4 years, being responsible for the development of the European, African and North American market to build up new license partners for the Blaupunkt brand. Frank has over 20 years of experience in the market development and expansion on global base within the Consumer Electronics industry. Prior to joining Established.Incorporated he was successfully working in the TV Broadcast Hardware industry, organizing and leading Sales and Business Development Teams to set up a global sales structure with Pay-TV and Satellite Fleet Operators.

Prasanna Pilimatalauwe

International Licensing and Sales Manager South-America, India, Middle-East, Asia and Australia Prasanna Pilimatalauwe is a Senior Business Development & Brand Licensing Manager at Established.Incorporated working in Luxembourg for the past 8 years and prior to that in Germany. Prasanna has extensive knowledge of the global intellectual property and consumer electronics industry. He gained broad experience in the brand licensing business in the past by successfully developing new markets and working in multinational structures. Currently he is responsible for the Blaupunkt licensing business in Latin America and Asia. He speaks German, English, and Spanish.

Thorsten Gebhardt

Brand Licensing Consultant Thorsten Gebhardt is a Senior Licensing Managing at Established.Incorporated (Blaupunkt brand owner) in Luxemburg. He has been working for Blaupunkt in the licensing field for 12 years, for the last 5 years he served as a brand licensing consultant. In this role he develops and executes strategic licensing programs for new and existing clients. Managing executive-level relationships with our licensing partners as well as all internal partners to contribute to revenue and EBITDA growth. He has a broad background in international sports products and high value licensing from Dunlop Sports, Porsche Design, and BLAUPUNKT.

Romain Peter

HR & Portfolio Manager Romain Peter is a Portfolio & HR Manager at Established.Incorporated (Blaupunkt brand owner) in Luxembourg. He has been working at Established.Incorporated for 5 years and being responsible of the Administrative & HR structure of the company as well as an International panel of our trademark’s Licensees. He selected and hired a team of experienced professionals allowing Established.Incorporated to continue its significant grow within the years. Prior to joining Established.Incorporated, he was successfully working in the automotive and household cleaning industries and studied the business administrations and the specificities of cross-borders businesses.

Norman Pralow

Marketing Consultant Norman is working for Established.Incorporated since 2015 and manages the Blaupunkt brand in regards toward all marketing-related topics. He ensures the uniformed brand design throughout social media, online and offline channels, and supervises product approvals. Norman also develops and implements targeted lead generation marketing campaigns supporting the sales team in creating new license opportunities. Before joining Established.Incorporated, Norman was actively involved in setting up the marketing-specific basis for the Blaupunkt licensing approach, incl. developing the actual Blaupunkt CD, website concept. Norman has a professional history in sales, product management, and trade marketing.

Lisa Gearhart

Sales & Marketing Manager Lisa has worked for Established.Incorporated (Blaupunkt brand owner) for over 3 years in the role of sales and Marketing Support. She is responsible for assisting the sales and marketing team and manages the CRM tool used company wide. She assists with content creation, oversees projects that require input from both marketing and sales, and prospects for marketing qualified leads. Before working in Established.Incorporated Lisa worked in sales, marketing, and events in the United States.

Joseph Ding

International Licensing and Sales Manager
East Asia
Joseph Ding is a highly accomplished business management graduate from East China University of Science and Technology, with nearly 13 years of experience in international companies. He has held various positions in sales and operations and is known for his rigorous work ethic and strong execution skills. Joseph is also Fluent in multiple languages, including Chinese and English.