Blaupunkt to present its new South American SDA and drones line-up at the Eletrolar show in Brazil for the first time

BLAUPUNKT presented its new Small Domestic Appliance and Drones line-up at the Eletrolar Show in South America for the first time

Someco Electronics S.A., alongside two representatives from the BLAUPUNKT headquarters in Europe were ecstatic to have their first showcase in South America to present its 2022 line-up for the market. After a brief hiatus from attending Trade Shows and other in-person events it was a breath of fresh air to be able to come together at Eletrolar in São Paulo. Attendees at this year’s show were able to experience the brand new BLAUPUNKT portfolio of small domestic appliances, beauty, and personal care products. Also on display were the exciting addition of the trending category of BLAUPUNKT drones.

“…We are thrilled to see the final line-up presented in South America. We are honored to have such an excellent partner for these product categories in this region.”

Says Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of GIP Development, on the partnership with Someco in the South American Market. He continued,

“It is very rewarding to work with a partner who appreciates and lives by the Blaupunkt values of delivering reliable products at a fair price that perform as advertised.”

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