Licensee Expands Decade-Long Partnership Becoming the 2nd Largest Licensee in the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community

2N Everpol Sp z o.o., has expanded their agreement to include garden accessories and power tools.

Consumers in Eastern Europe and Germany can expect to start finding Blaupunkt charcoal grills online or in DIY shops as early as May. Power tools, such as cordless drills or water pumps, should begin to appear in these markets in July.

On the topic of their most recent contract expansion Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of GIP Development the brand owner of Blaupunkt Said: “It is incredible to not only continue working with 2N Everpol but also to see their business with the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community continue to thrive. I look forward to witnessing the success that our continued partnership will bring.”

This is not the first time that the licensee 2N Everpol has opted to expand their partnership with the Blaupunkt Brand. The business relationship between 2N Everpol and the Blaupunkt brand began over 10 years ago when 2N Everpol became a distributor for car audio products in Poland, a business they continue to handle to this day.

Based on the success of their distribution business with the Blaupunkt brand 2N Everpol decided to become a licensee, starting first with audio products in Poland. This move proved so prosperous for their company’s portfolio that they quickly expanded their audio license to include all of Eastern Europe. Soon after they had they decided to diversify their license portfolio with Blaupunkt by adding small domestic appliances and personal healthcare items to their existing regions and quickly expanding their contract to include Germany as well. When E-mobility became a trending topic, 2N Everpol opted to take portions of this category within their current regions. Garden accessories and power tools in 2022 is the company’s most recent expansion. This move solidifies their position as the 2nd largest licensee in the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community.

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